The Albayzín neighborhood

Barrio del albayzín en Granada

Our neighborhood “El Albayzín”

"For the water of Granada, only sighs row" Federico García Lorca

We are located in the heart of the Albayzín neighborhood, an architectural jewel of incalculable heritage wealth declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994

For us, the most gratifying thing about "our neighborhood" is the direct contact with the people, all the neighbors know each other and help each other. The Albayzín is not just culture and history, there are plenty of both in its streets. The Albayzín has its own rhythm.

The Albayzín, with a bohemian atmosphere and a mixture of cultures, fills its streets with musicians and artists, surrounded by high white walls of its Cármenes. where in spring its streets are fogged with orange blossom scent

Streets full of Mudejar art, acoustic guitars in the background and impressive contrasts of colors, lights and shadows through labyrinthine itineraries …… immersing and getting lost in the Albayzín neighborhood is going back in time, it is dreaming awake.

The white houses on the mountain appear with fantastic echoes… Opposite, the golden towers of the Alhambra show a oriental dream. ”…“ The houses are placed, as if a hurricane wind had swirled them like this…. As you wander through its streets, scenes of legends arise. ”…” And people… invent the legends of the dead and of winter ghosts, and of goblins and tomboys that come out at midnight when there is no moon wandering the streets ... "

Así describía Federico García Lorca el Albayzín en su obra de 1918 “impresiones y paisajes”

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Raúl Alanis

Raúl Alanis


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